13 May 2021

How much does Garden Clearance Cost?

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With summer right around the corner and BBQs and garden gatherings on the horizon, many of us in the UK are asking how much does garden clearance cost? Of course, the cost varies depending on the size on the garden and the nature of the items that you want clearing. With years of industry expertise as the UK’s largest rubbish removals company, Clearabee’s waste clearances can attend your property and clear as little or as much waste from your garden you require.

If that’s all you need to hear for now, then head over to our booking page to select a clearance service or contact Clearabee and we’ll give you a buzz back. Otherwise, let’s take a look at how much it will cost to clear your garden.


Garden Clearances

On average, Brits spent £4000 on home renovations since the lockdown began, with 34% completing gardening projects so that they can make the most of their outdoor space. Of course, there’s usually an increased uptake in homeowners looking to improve their gardens as spring arrives, but with the lockdown restrictions lifting and allowing more households to gather outside, there’s never been a bigger need to clear old garden furniture, concrete slabs and outdoor children’s toys.

When it comes to clearing unwanted items from your garden there’s a balance to be struck between cost and convenience. For example, if you have children’s garden toys such as trampolines and swing sets that you need to get rid of, you do always have the option of listing them on sites such as Facebook, Gumtree or Freecycle. Whilst you may be able to sell these items or give them away, there are the associated drawbacks of taking the time to upload photos, relying on strangers to turn up to collect them and the fact that people may not be interested at all. And during all this time, the items are just clogging up your garden.

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Of course, you also have the option of transferring some of the items to your local Household Waste Recycling Centre. This option depends on which items you want to get rid of and whether you have the transport and ability and if your local centre will meet your requirements. Many such centres have restrictions around which items can be disposed of, how many times you can visit per fortnight and have a strict appointment system so you should always check online before proceeding with arrangements.


Garden Clearances with Clearabee

Where both the cost and convenience balance out is with Clearabee. Whatever items you are looking to have cleared from your garden, we can dispose of them responsibly. Via our ‘Man and Van’ clearance services, our operatives can attend your property wherever you are in the country, very often on the same day as your order. This service also includes 30 minutes of reasonable labour in the cost, so we can do all the heavy lifting when it comes to large, bulky items such as children’s toys or concrete slabs.

If carrying out the manual labour is not too much of a challenge for you, then our skip hire and Skip Bag services are deliverable during the next business day and are flexible rubbish removal solutions for both bulky waste items and lighter waste streams. So we can see how convenient Clearabee’s services are, now let’s have a look at cost.


Waste Calculator

Clearabee’s waste calculator is a useful tool for working out how much your garden clearance will cost as well as letting you know which of our 5-star rated rubbish removal services are the most convenient and cost-effective for you. You’re not just limited to the garden either. You can choose items from your garden, home or office and add anything from desks, sofas and printers to patio slabs, wooden pallets and old BBQs. Let’s take a look.

Using the example of two wooden pallets, eight patio slabs and three cubic yards of turf, the waste calculator works out a total volume of 4.20 yd3, weighing 230.00kg. After entering your postcode (due to skip prices varying from location to location) the waste calculator presents you with a choice of three options for clearing your garden.

The first option is our ‘Man and Van’ clearance service, which is calculated at a cost of £184.99 for a 5 yard on-demand waste clearance. This clearance will usually happen on the same day as your enquiry, especially if you order before 1pm, but it can also be arranged for a day of your choosing.

The second option is the hiring of a 6-yard skip. In this example, the Dudley area of the West Midlands was used, where such a skip will cost £220.50. Again, as with the ‘Man and Van’, you may be able to add a little more waste to get more for your money and meet the 6-yard volume threshold. Where the skip service differs though, is that the service operates with a next-day delivery option and a 14-day hire period, but you will have to do all of the loading yourself, unlike with the ‘Man and Van’ service.


The third option comes in the shape of a Skip Bag, which is ever so slightly cheaper than the skip at £219.99 for the large (4.5 cubic yard) Skip Bag option. These Skip Bags can be delivered to your property with next-business day delivery available but do require you to carry out your own labour. Where the Skip Bag differs though is in the collection period; you will have 6 months within which to use your Skip Bag.

So now we’re looked at cost and convenience, shall we look at getting us to clear your garden?

Follow this link to read Clearabee’s garden clearance guide or get a quote from our friendly office team to find out how much your garden clearance will cost.


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