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Skip Hire FAQs

We operate a nationwide skip hire service which is available to both home and business customers. Whilst our man and van rubbish removal service is our most versatile solution, skip hire is still a very popular way to clear waste.

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When choosing a skip there are various considerations which will impact what skip size and type is the most suitable, such as where you plant to place it and what you plan to put inside of it. We have detailed the main skips below but we can hire almost any type of skip.

Skip sizes available

How long can I hire the skip for?

What do skips cost?

Skip costs vary significantly depending on the area of the country and the size of the skip. We provide a cost based off your location and also a comparison with our man and van service as sometimes this can be cheaper and quicker.

What can go in a skip?

Skips are generally quite a flexible waste removal solution. However there are restrictions on what wastes can go in each skip and mixing of waste types.

Generally standard household and business bulky waste can be thrown in, as well as standard garden and construction waste.

What cannot go in a skip?

General skips can be restrictive if you have specialist waste or a very mixed waste stream.

Skip placement

Before you place your order you need to decide where you will place the skip and whether it is a suitable location, and understand if there is a cost implication.

Skip permits

If you are placing your skip on the public highway you will need a skip permit. Skip permits are issued by your local council and it can vary a lot from area to area.

In most areas we will provide the skip permit for you and we will simply pass on the additional cost.

As skip permits expire we must ensure your skip has been removed by this date, which means if you haven’t requested collection your skip may have to be taken, regardless of whether you have finished using it (it is a legal requirement to have a valid skip permit).

If you plan to place your skip on the road you may need to contact us to get the most up to date pricing.

Booking a skip

Booking a skip with us is very easy. Our contact centre is open 7 days a week and you can book online 24/7 using our website. Most standard skips are available online or over the telephone with real time pricing. If you have a specialist skip requirement we may need a couple of hours to provide a bespoke quote.

Skip delivery

Now you have decided what skip to get and paid for it, you need to make sure the delivery goes smoothly.

Filling a skip

Filling a skip is a fairly easy task for most people - the challenge is filling it properly and efficiently.

We recommend breaking items down to minimise the volume and placing the waste in the skip in an efficient manner. If you just ‘chuck’ items in the skip there’s likely going to be a lot of gaps which you may not be able to utilise.

Collecting your skip

Once you have finished loading your skip it will be time to organise the pick up. Pick up is generally very straightforward as long as the skip has been filled correctly and is accessible.

Skip hire alternative

We offer a fast and flexible skip hire alternative using our ‘man and van’ fleet of vehicles, which can be a great skip hire alternative when you have lighter waste to be cleared or you need it going fast.

Skip Hire

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