27 May 2020

Skip Hire Prices: A UK Guide

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Anyone who has ever tried to hire a skip will most likely mention that it’s notoriously difficult to track down an approximate price, without first getting in touch with the company in question to get a quote. Whether it’s filling out online forms or chatting over the phone, sometimes you just want to be given a figure for skip hire near you.

With that in mind, Clearabee has researched the prices of skip suppliers from up and down the United Kingdom in order to bring you the average cost of skip hire. The following prices are pre-parking permits and parking suspensions so, if relevant to you, these costs would need to be taken into consideration before booking your skip rental.

Prices for skips can vary over time so this will not be an up-to-date list if you are reading this after 2020, although it will give you a good indication. For an accurate and up-to-date price use our skip hire page for an instant online quote. Our own booking process is quick and simple and we can also deliver skips on a next day-basis.

We’ve focused on the most-frequently hired skips in the UK: the 6 yard and 8 yard skip, known as Small and Large Builder’s Skips, respectively. So let’s have a look at skip hire prices in your area:

city graphics
house graphics

Skip Hire Prices: Why do they Vary?

The costs of hiring a skip vary from place to place across the UK due to a number of factors, so it’s not always a case of ‘one price fits all’. The distance of the skip hire site or customer from the nearest waste disposal facility has the most significant impact on the price, resulting in higher transportation costs to cover the increased travelling distance.

Also taken into consideration are the logistics of getting to the locality itself: the more rural the location, the higher the costs tend to be. HGVs often have to spend longer on the roads, navigating further distances via less direct routes, with the cost being transferred to the customer.

skip on a drive

Similarly, the volume of traffic takes its toll on the cost of skip hire too. If the HGV is driving for a longer duration, the more cost is incurred. As a result, built-up areas with higher levels of congestion tend to be pricier when it comes to renting a skip.

Finally, supply and demand have an impact on the price determination too. Where availability is limited due to an increased demand, there will be an increase in cost too. Increased hire periods have an impact too; since the UK lockdown began in March, some skips are being kept for longer than usual and therefore, has a knock-on effect on other customers’ orders.

Which is the Cheapest Town or City for Skip Hire?

uk map

Here’s a full breakdown of the average skip prices for each location:


The Midlands


The East

The South


The North



Northern Ireland



Clearabee provides specialised Skip Hire services throughout the whole of the UK and all of the areas covered above. In addition to the 6 and 8 yard skips, we also provide 4 yard Midi skips, 12 and 14 yard Maxi skips and specialist skips. In the large majority of instances, where skips are ordered before 1pm, they can be delivered the day after ordering.

If you have any further questions about Skip Hire with Clearabee, then have a look at our handy FAQ section or contact our friendly office team.

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