18 June 2020

What Size Skip Do I Need?

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We’ve all been there; our finger hovering over the “order now“ button but unsure whether to press it or not. It’s a common complaint with regards to skip hire: should you go for a large skip just in case? But what if it’s too big? As the UK’s largest rubbish removals company, Clearabee knows a thing or two about the ins and outs of hiring a skip and we’re here to help. So, let’s get down to finding out which size skip you need.

What’s the size of your project?

It sounds simple, but making the most out of your skip hire (not to mention getting your money’s worth) is all about planning. Think about the project that you’re about to undertake and split it up into stages – it might even help to write it all down.

For example, if it’s a shed that you’re looking to replace, think about the base slabs underneath and if they’re likely to need replacing too. If it’s a loft that you’re converting, think about whether or not you’ll need to upgrade the insulation whilst you’re at it. It may sound simple, but it’s better to have more skip space and not need it, than to need more skip space and not have it.

Once you’ve figured out exactly how much skip space you’ll need, it’s time to start looking at what size skip you’ll need.


How big is a large skip?

The largest domestic size skip that Clearabee provides is the ‘Maxi’ or Extra-Large skip. These range in size from 10 – 12 cubic yards.

Skip sizes are measured in cubic yards as standard but if you’re unfamiliar with yards as a unit, there is an easier way to understand how much skip space you’re getting for your money. Although it’s just a rough estimate, for every cubic yard simply think about the size of two small domestic washing machines. Alternatively, if it’s easier, try to envisage 3ft by 3ft by 3ft.

As their names suggest, skips such as these are perfect for large projects such as whole house or office clearances. Large skips are great for getting rid of bulky waste such as furniture and kitchen worktops as well as lighter installation waste such as laminate and tiling.

However, there are disadvantages of large skips and this is mainly down to their size. For instance, they are unsuitable for heavy and dense waste such as bricks, rubble or soil as the load may exceed the weight restrictions associated with the lifting lorry.

Unlike their smaller counterparts, large skips also cannot usually be placed on a road due to the potential obstructions or environmental hazards that they may cause. Large skips do work out as the lowest in cost per cubic yard though, so it’s all down to your individual requirements.

Clearabee are also able to provide Roll On, Roll Off (RORO) containers for commercial projects. Customers can receive a quote for these rubbish removal services here.

How small is too small?

At the opposite end of the scale are “Midi” skips, which are the smallest skips that Clearabee provides. These are 4 cubic yards in size (or 8 washing machines) and are perfect for more modest projects such as landscaping an average-sized garden, replacing a patio or decking renovations.


As discussed above, these small skips are much better suited for heavy and dense waste such as bricks, rubble and soil. Midi skips are also less likely to cause obstructions and therefore can be placed on the road or in parking bays, as long as the local council’s restrictions are met regarding skip permits and parking suspensions.

Our handy Skip Hire Guide goes into more detail on skip permits and parking suspensions or you can discuss these with our office team when placing your order.

How much space have you got for a skip?

Lastly, it’s always important to make sure that you physically have the room to place a skip on your property whilst still being able to access it easily. You don’t want to have your driveway or border walls damaged when the skip is delivered by the HGV.

Likewise, make sure that you give yourself enough distance from alleyways, doorways and walls. This should esnure that you’re not struggling to get the skip filled, especially if you’re moving bulky or long items like furniture or kitchen worktops.


When the HGV arrives to deliver the skip, it will be placed in line with your instructions so bear in mind the items that you’ll be loading and the space you’ll need. Whether the skip is to be situated on your drive, lawn or courtyard, some areas of your property will be more suitable than others. Once it’s placed, happy skipping!

If you’ve still got any questions that need answering, then you can check out our handy Skip Hire FAQ, or please get in touch with our friendly office team.

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