6 April 2021

Life’s Largest Rubbish Removals – Kids Moving Out

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From moving in as a new couple to the children moving out, whatever changes happen in life, there’s always waste that needs clearing afterwards. For rubbish removal moments such as these, Clearabee’s ‘Man and Van’ clearance services offer a fast, flexible and cost-effective solution.

Throughout this blog series, we’ll look at these rubbish removal moments and for this edition, we’ll look at when it’s time for the kids to move out and how we can help you to handle the resulting waste. If you already know what you want from your waste clearance, then simply book your clearance now or get in touch with us to request a call back.

Moving out: Facts and Figures

The Office for National Statistics reports that 2017 was the first time more than 50% of young people had left the parental home was at the age of 23, an increase from an average age of 21 two decades earlier. Of this age group, 37% of men aged 18 to 34 years old still lived with their parents, compared with 26% of women of the same age.

With an estimated 18.6 million spare rooms across the UK, there’s a huge demand for young people both moving out and young people moving in, which means that the list of furniture and bedroom effects that need disposing of is almost endless.


Kids Moving Out

The items you’ll need to dispose of all depend on the circumstances of the move. If your son or daughter is moving into their first very own place, then the chances are that they’ll need to take everything that they can get their hands on (which may even include some of your own furniture or effects). However, if they’re moving in to co-habit with someone else, you could very well be left with a bed, wardrobes, shelves, desks and the like.

Although you’ll probably want to leave it for a while before announcing that you’re converting your offspring’s room into an office, creative space, recording studio, home gym or whatever it may be, most people want more room and this is your opportunity to do with it what you’ve always wanted. But first you need to clear out all of those unwanted items.

If you’re looking to get rid of some of the bulky items mentioned above, then the most suitable option is undoubtably our ‘Man and Van’ clearance service. Beds and wardrobes are awkward to manoeuvre, often causing damage when moved and are usually a two-person job and that’s before you even think about if you have suitable transport to get them to your local Household Waste Recycling Centre.

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It’s for reasons such as this that Clearabee’s costs include 30 minutes of reasonable labour. That means that we can remove your bulky items from anywhere inside of your house (including lofts, cellars and basements) as long as it is safe to do so. If you prefer, we can also remove the items from outside of your house if you’re not planning on being at home for when the collection takes place (assuming you’ve been able to move the items outside, that is).

We’ll send you an SMS when we’re on our way and you’ll receive a tracking link so you can keep up to date with our progress. We also take pictures of the items you want collecting and the area after we’ve removed the items so there is a record of what waste we’ve taken and how the area has been left.

Kids Coming Home

Of course, the opposite can often be true. Whether the kids are coming back from university or moving back in after a period away you might find yourselves turning your office or creative space back into a bedroom again.

If you’re fortunate enough to have the space to store items such as office desks and chairs or easels and the like, then this is always the easier option. This is especially true if you have a garage or shed that can store these kinds of bulky items until you can find the room for them again. If this isn’t the case though, you can count on Clearabee to remove them responsibly and rapidly.

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If the return comes as something as a surprise, then Clearabee’s on-demand clearance services can usually attend your property on the very same day as your order, meaning that you can get to grips with your new living arrangements that bit sooner. The easiest option is to order your clearance online using our hassle-free service and pay the flat call-out fee of £59.99, then let our waste operatives assess the items you want removing and provide you with a quote on site.

If you have a little more time, then you can request a call-back from our contact centre and send images of the items that you want removing. This will allow us to give you an accurate quote and send the appropriately-sized team to clear your items. If you’d prefer to have an idea of cost before you book your clearance, then you’ll find our Waste Calculator particularly useful.

Follow this link to read more about our environmental credentials including how we divert from landfill more than 95% of all that we collect and how our Waste Transfer Notes mean you’re not contributing to the fly-tipping problem. Finally, take a look at some of the feedback we’ve received from Trustpilot, where we’ve recently amassed 10,000 reviews and a 5-Star ‘Excellent’ rated service. All of which means that you can have confidence in Clearabee.

However old your kids may be, Clearabee’s rubbish removals are here to help you to clear up after them. Book your clearance now or request that Clearabee give you a buzz.

Removing rubbish. It’s what we do.

All of the prices quoted in this article are correct at the time of going to press.

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