6 June 2021

What is a Builder’s Skip?

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Whether you’re landscaping your garden, relaying your driveway or clearing out your garage, you’re no doubt wondering which skip is the best one for the job. There are a wide range to choose from and rules and restrictions for each. Which is why we have written this blog series to guide you through. As the nation’s largest waste clearance company, Clearabee knows more than a thing or two about skips and even provide a nationwide skip hire service so we can help you to get your project underway.

If you want to jump ahead, then book your skip hire now or contact Clearabee and we’ll get back in touch with you. Otherwise, let’s take a look at Builder’s skips.


What can you throw in a Builder’s Skip?

Both 6 and 8-yard Builder’s skips are great all-rounders and are the largest skips which can be positioned on the road with the relevant skip permit. They can be used for disposing of all manner of construction waste such as bricks, concrete and rubble, bulky items such as tables, chairs, sofas, desks and wardrobes as well as garden waste such as turf, soil and gravel. You can also use a skip to dispose of general household waste.


As with any skip, you should make sure that you do not fill it beyond the Level Load line. The line is there to ensure that loaded skips can be transported safely to a Waste Transfer Station with a reduced risk to HGV drivers, site operatives and members of the public. Should the skip be filled beyond the Level Load line, your skip may not be collected and you may be charged a Wasted Journey fee.

What can’t you throw in a Builder’s Skip?

Anything that exceeds the Level Load Line

Waste Electric and Electronic Equipment items

White goods such as fridges, freezers and dishwashers

Hazardous waste (laptops, TVs, lighting tubes etc)

Paints, liquids, chemicals and solvents

Plasterboard/gypsum waste

Food wastage

If you need to dispose of any of the above waste streams, then you should contact Clearabee as we can usually provide a bespoke solution for you.

How big is a Builder’s Skip?

The 6-yard Builder’s skip is the most-regularly seen skip on driveways across the UK and Clearabee’s biggest seller. In terms of space taken up on your driveway, a 6-yard skip measures 10 x 4 x 4 in feet, whilst an 8-yard skip measures 12 x 6 x 4. That being said, you’ll need to be able to sit your skip comfortably on your driveway (or wherever you plan to place it) with plenty of space surrounding it with no obstacles to access for the delivering HGV.

If, after looking at your available space, you think you may be struggling for room then take a look at our Midi skips.

It can be difficult to envisage how much waste you can fit inside a skip, or even which size skip you’ll need. To make it that little bit easier, we always suggest that you imagine the size of a small domestic washing machine. If you have what looks the size of 12 washing machines’ worth of waste, then you’re probably looking at a 6-yard Builder’s skip. If you’re looking at 16 washing machines’ worth, then you’re probably looking at an 8-yard Builder’s skip.


If you’re still not sure then feel free to get in touch with Clearabee so we can offer our professional advice. You can send a description of the waste or, better still, send images of the waste and we can advise or even quote accordingly.


Builder’s Skip Hire Cost

The cost to hire a Builder’s skip can vary slightly from location to location but you can always check how much a skip costs in your area by using our handy skip hire search tool. Bear in mind that you may not be able to hire either skip in some areas due to the differing levels of demand throughout the country or prices may be higher due to logistical challenges.

But by way of an example, if you’re in the Glasgow area looking for a skip to dispose of heavy constructions waste, then an 8-yard Builder’s skip will cost you £202.50 for a 14-day hire period. However, due to high demand, a 6-yard Builder’s skip in the same area, will cost you £270.90 so it’s worth being open-minded about which size skip you need to make sure that you get the best value.

With customer value in mind, Clearabee’s Waste Calculator is a handy tool for making sure that you also get the most suitable service for your waste clearance. You can add items from around your home, garden and office to a virtual basket. You then enter your postcode before being presented with the most suitable method of removing your unwanted items from a range of skip hire, Skip Bags or ‘Man and Van’ on-demand clearance services. Try our unique Waste Calculator here.

Follow this link to find out the answers to more of your frequently-asked questions about Builder’s skips or have a look at our handy skip hire guide.


Skip Hire with Clearabee

In most cases, and wherever you are in the country, Clearabee can provide next-day skip delivery if you are able to order your skip before 12 noon. If you require something bigger than a standard skip for a commercial project then we can also provide specialist skips such as ROROs, enclosed skips and lockable skips. If you get in touch with us we should be able to provide a quote within a few hours.

With Clearabee (and any reputable and registered waste carrier) you’ll also receive a digital Waste Transfer Note which will record what waste streams you’ve had collected, the registration of the vehicle that removed it and the Waste Transfer Station that was its end destination. These records are kept on file by both Clearabee and the customers to satisfy our collective Duty of Care, ensuring the highest levels of confidence and compliance.

Follow this link to book your builder’s skip now or contact Clearabee and we’ll give you a buzz back.


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All the prices mentioned in this article were correct at the time of publishing.

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