28 June 2021

Summer Holiday Clearance

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With the school holidays fast approaching, most households are preparing themselves for the continued presence of the youngest family members during the summer. Whether you need to clear some space to allow for their arrival or if you need to clear up after them, Clearabee’s waste clearance services are available both in and out of term-time, and are often available to attend your property on the very same day as your booking. But how can we help?

With more of our nearest and dearest likely to be home all day, every day for the best part of two months, there will no doubt be a huge increase in the amount of domestic rubbish that your household creates so you could likely find yourself in need of a ‘Man and Van’ clearance, a skip or even a private home wheelie bin collection.

Follow this link if you’d rather jump ahead and book your rubbish removal or contact Clearabee and we’ll give you a buzz straight back. Otherwise, let’s take a look at some of the waste clearances you might encounter.


School Holiday Bin Collections

School holidays vary all around the UK, but generally speaking, the summer holidays begin around the middle of July with the return to school in the first week of September. Follow this link to check the school summer holiday dates in your area.

As so many of us found out during the lockdown, being at home more often rather than heading to school or the office for 5 days a week, leads to wheelie bins filling up far more quickly. Add to that the summer heat increasing the rate at which bacteria grows (and the smell it brings), it’s really not the right time to be leaving black bin bags out waiting for next week’s collection. That’s where Clearabee’s private home wheelie bin collections make your summer holidays that much easier.

With prices starting at £29.99 for the emptying of a 120 litre wheelie bin, our home wheelie bin collections are a cost-effective and convenient solution for getting you back on schedule with your regular bin collections. If you place your order before 10pm, we can collect your bin during the very next day (just leave your bin out at the kerbside at 8am).

So if you end up with a bin bag full of leftover food, non-recyclable packaging and paper plates and cups in the aftermath of a BBQ, we can get rid of it for you straight away, leaving you to get back on track with your regular local authority bin collections.

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School Holiday Clearances

The weeks leading up to the holidays is the perfect time to clear your garden of waste before the summer comes. To give the kids somewhere to play and the adults somewhere to sit and talk, you may need to be replacing old bulky garden furniture, getting rid of broken plant pots or even clearing away decking areas or patios to make room for something new. This is where Clearabee’s ‘Man and Van’ clearance service can be the rapid removal you’re looking for.

If you call before 1pm, we can usually attend your property on the very same day and remove as little or as much waste as you require. This service comes with 30 minutes of reasonable labour included in the cost so whether you’re getting rid of a rotten shed, a broken swing set or an old whirly gig, we can do all the heavy lifting for you, leaving you to enjoy your school holidays in the garden.

‘Man and Van’ clearances cost £89.99 for a cubic yard of waste to be rapidly and responsibly removed and we divert to landfill at least 95% of all that we collect. This way, you can be sure that you’re not only keeping your garden tidy, but you’re keeping the planet tidy too. Our ‘Man and Van’ service is also carbon neutral due to our ultra-light vehicles, shorter journeys and reforestation projects. Click on the following link to find out more about our environmental credentials.


Term Time Clear Out

If term time’s over then it can also mean that, for better or worse, your little ones are growing up. This might mean that you’ll need to have a wardrobe worth of clothes removed to make way for summer wear, or you’ll have a truckload of toys that haven’t been played with in an age. If these longer clearances sound more like what you need, then you should consider a Skip Bag.

These flexible alternatives to skips are an ideal solution for storing waste securely before having it collected by Clearabee. If you have old school uniforms, clothes that the kids have grown out of or kids toys that simply aren’t getting played with anymore, then Skip Bags will save you a trip to the tip.

Starting at £139.99, a small Skip Bag can contain 1 cubic yard of waste and up to 1000kgs in weight and is suitable for all types of waste, including garden waste such as soil, bricks and rubble. Skip Bags can be delivered to you during the next business day with no extra charge and with the ‘Bag and Collection’ option, you have 6 months to fill the bag and arrange your collection with Clearabee.

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Clearabee’s Waste Calculator

Clearabee’s Waste Calculator is a useful tool for working out exactly how much waste you can dispose of whilst still staying within your budget. Simply select items from your garden, home or office and add them to your virtual basket. All you need to do then is enter your postcode to allow for price variances around the country and you’ll be presented with a quote and the most suitable rubbish removal service for you.

For example, a children’s garden double swing set will be most cost-effectively removed from the Bristol area by our ‘Man and Van’ service at the cost of £119.99. You can also see that the skip hire service would cost £220.50 whilst the Skip Bag service would cost £239.99, although with both, it’s worth mentioning that you could remove more than just the swing set but be sure to stick to the guidance set out to avoid extra charges.


If you’re looking for a quick and convenient solution for the summer holiday clearance (and most likely, one for straight after the holidays too) then book your waste clearance here or contact Clearabee and we’ll give you a buzz back.


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All prices featured in this article are correct at the time of publishing.

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