18 February 2021

Skip Bags Rubbish Removal: How to Save Money

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Whenever you are planning a waste clearance, it’s worth considering if Skip Bags are the most cost-effective solution for you and your project. Skips Bags are relative newcomers when it comes to rubbish removals in the UK but offer greater flexibility, longer filling periods and are often more cost-effective than a skip.

Throughout this series of blog articles, we’ll share some info and advice on how to make the most of each waste clearance service, as well as where you might be able to save yourself some money.

If you already aware of what you want from your skip bags, then feel free to book your skip hire now or give Clearabee a buzz. Otherwise, let’s see how you can save some money.


Skip Bags Scale in Price

Typically, the most expensive aspect of the Skip Bag service is the collection of the bag itself, which employs the service of an HGV. Similarly to skip hire, once you’ve taken into account the cost of the transport, the difference between removing a medium Skip Bag is not significantly different to removing a large Skip Bag instead. i.e. if you are going to order a Skip Bag, you get more value for your money if you go for a bigger size and a higher volume of waste.

To illustrate this point, a medium Skip Bag would contain 1.5 cubic yards of waste (which can be approximated to the size of 3 small domestic washing machines), with a ‘Bag and Collection’ cost of £144.99. Meanwhile, a large Skip Bag would contain 4.5 cubic yards of waste, which can be likened to 9 small domestic washing machines in size. At a cost of £219.99, that’s 3 times the rubbish removal for only £75 more.

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So, if you’re planning a clearance, it will be more beneficial to consider any other unwanted waste that you want to clear from your property in order to make the most out of your Skip Bag. Just be sure to follow advice on the mixing of waste streams, weight restrictions and prohibited items, all of which can be found in our handy skip hire guide.


Rubbish removal comparisons

Before you undertake any project that will require a waste clearance, it’s always worth weighing up your available options to make sure that you are getting the most for your money and that’s where Clearabee’s comparison tool comes in.

Situated on our dedicated Skip Bag page, this tool considers your chosen Skip Bag size, your location and the waste you want to remove. The comparison tool then presents you with several different options which vary in cost and flexibility.

By way of example, a large Skip Bag measures 1.5 cubic yards, and an easy way to imagine the amount of waste it can contain is by visualising the size of 3 domestic washing machines. To remove this amount of mixed waste would cost £144.99 using the Skip Bag ‘Bag and Collection’ option.

By comparison, a 4-yard general waste skip in the Glasgow area costs £180.00, although this option does offer a larger volume of waste removal. Also, a ‘Man and Van’ on-demand clearance service can remove 2 yards of waste for £109.99 so the choice comes down to your individual requirements. What waste do you want removing? How quickly do you want it gone? Are you happy to do the loading yourself? All these questions feed into the final decision over your waste removal.

Away from cost, but focusing on value… Technically speaking, if you wanted to keep your Skip Bag on your property for the full six-month period, then you could. As long as the Skip Bag is within four metres of the road by the time of collection, then there’s no comparison when it comes to how long you’ve got to use your Skip Bag and that plays in to the added value that you get with a skip bag.

Add to that the fact that you could, in theory, move house and take your Skip Bag with you and receive your collection at your new address and again, the value of the Skip Bag speaks for itself.


Skip Bags: Packing them properly

In order to get the most value out of your Skip Bag and maximise the available space, it’s important that you pack them properly

We suggest that whilst filling your Skip Bag, you roll over the edges of the bag to form a more rigid “cuff”. From here, fill the corners of the bag with anything that might be larger or upright that can help to keep it sturdy. Remember to break down bulky items much like you would with your own domestic waste so you make the most of your space. As you continue to fill the bag, you should unfurl the cuffed edge as you go but be sure not to over-fill.

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Much like with skip hire, there can be additional costs associated with Skip Bags which can cancel out any potential savings you might have made, but these can be mitigated if you adhere to the Ts and Cs of your Skip Bag agreement and be mindful of restrictions.

These include making sure that your Skip Bag is easily accessible and can be collected as scheduled so you don’t incur a wasted journey charge. Customers should also make sure that the bag’s contents do not exceed the ‘Level Load’ line or the weight restrictions associated with the bag. Failing to observe these restrictions may result in the bag being unsafe to transport and incur a wasted journey charge.


Skip Bags from Clearabee

We are the UK’s largest clearance company and have been leading Britain’s clearances since 2013. We completed 221,845 jobs throughout 2020 and we have recently accrued 10,000 reviews on Trustpilot, making us the most-reviewed such service and a the proud recipient of a 5-Star ‘Excellent’ rating.

As registered waste carriers, we always supply our customers with a digital Waste Transfer Note once the collected waste has reached one of our audited and approved local Waste Transfer Stations. This means that you can be sure that your waste is being removed responsibly and that you can have complete confidence in Clearabee.

With an eye on our environmental impact, we have planted two UK forests which consist of 19,674 trees and our ultra-light chassis vehicles and short, local journeys help to make our services carbon-neutral. We also recycle or divert from landfill at least 95% of the waste that we remove which means that with Clearabee, you’re helping to keep your area clean and green.

Order your Skip Bag 24/7 by using our hassle-free online booking system or get in touch with our friendly office team.

For more information and your questions answered, check out our Skip Bags FAQs or our handy Skip Bag guide.


Removing rubbish. It’s what we do.

All of the prices featured in this article were correct at the time of publishing.


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