20 March 2020

Clearabee During the Coronavirus COVID-19

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Clearabee during the Coronavirus

COVID-19 is now nothing short of a national conversation. Even though self-isolation and social distancing are becoming a more prevalent part of our day to day lives, it by no way means that life no longer goes on. In fact, it means quite the opposite and that regardless of the situation, we can all still achieve, accomplish and aspire.

As we spend more time indoors with our families, we will no doubt become more aware of the lack of space or the amount of clutter which accumulates and which stops us from truly enjoying our homes. What better time than when cleanliness is at the forefront of our minds to get rid of the rubbish that’s always been taking up precious space?

As with everyone affected, limiting the impact of Coronavirus is of the utmost importance and the safety and wellbeing of our staff and customers is at the pinnacle of our priorities. However, that isn’t to say that the nation must grind to a halt, with services slowing to a standstill. Clearabee is still committed to collecting waste where safety allows and there are a number of procedures we have put in place which will ensure the safe completion of our services.

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Safety, Our Staff and You

With the current climate, there is a greater need for communication now than ever before. That’s why when booking your collection, our staff will enquire as to whether or not you have presented symptoms of, or have been tested positive for COVID-19. Once again, when our staff arrive on-site, these questions will be posed again for the sake of safety. Rest assured that our staff have all been briefed in confidentiality and that the information given is used only for the safety of our customers and staff.

In turn, each morning our staff certify that they are aware of the symptoms of COVID-19 and are not exhibiting, or have been exposed to, any of the symptoms themselves. This is an ongoing concern and as with all aspects of the Coronavirus, we will continue to act in response to the most up to date information made available.

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Your Clearabee Collection

Whether you’re self-isolating or social distancing for preventative reasons, we can still provide you with services due to the way we have adapted our operating procedures. As you’ve no doubt noticed, cash handling and sharing devices is widely discouraged and as such, PDAs will not be passed to the customer for payment. In these instances, your personal details need to be read to our field staff who can input the information on your behalf. This will minimise the risk to all involved whilst ensuring your clearance can still take place. More effective still, is the option to prepay for your collection whilst booking with our office staff. Once our field staff have checked that the job is completed to your satisfaction, they will sign the tablet on your behalf.

If you are social distancing, or self-isolating for preventative reasons, then in-house collections can be organised by yourself into a separate room of the house which will enable our staff to collect whilst limiting contact. Waste can also be left outside of your property in order to avoid contact between customers and staff but to ensure that a service is still available to you. In instances such as this, it is important that you remain contactable by telephone should any further information be needed.

If you are self-isolating because you have been exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19, then regrettably, we will not be able to provide a collection service until the quarantine period has been completed.


Our Services

At this time, trust is of the utmost importance and Clearabee continues to be the highest-rated and most reviewed national rubbish removal service. Our service will still operate to offset our carbon usage through our pledge to plant trees in our forests and we still divert 95% of our collected waste from landfill.

Currently, our rubbish clearances are still operating as usual with our same day service. Our skip hire service is largely operating as normal although there are some delays with drop-offs and exchanges of the skips themselves. Our skip bag service is also in operation but there may be some minor delays in more remote areas.

Using photographic evidence, full waste reporting and end destination reporting, Clearabee can provide you with conscience-clear rubbish removal which proves why the nation trusts us to responsibly handle their waste.

For any and all further information on Clearabee’s services during the Coronavirus, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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