12 April 2016

When to chuck rubbish and when to sell it

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Is it time to de-clutter, remove rubbish and take back space in your home?

House clutter getting the better of you? It’s that time of the year when we start to de-clutter, remove rubbish from our homes and take back space just in time for summer. Some might say spring has sprung but on rainy days some extra sorting, clearing and cleaning are on the cards.

We’ve previously talked about hacks for a successful spring clean, but before you get ruthless on your de-cluttering mission sometimes you can make yourself some extra pocket money. Maybe save a few pounds towards that beach holiday or new garden furniture.

From false teeth to voodoo dolls, people sell almost anything online. We’re going to give you a list of things you should try sell before chucking on the rubbish pile.

Top items to sell on ebay

Mobile phones.

Big brand tech items from companies such as Apple, Samsung and so on are the most searched items on ebay. In particular iPhones can be sold very easily with this being one of the highest selling items on ebay. Don’t forget laptops, tablets, TVs and digital cameras are other popular electronics frequently bought and sold online.

Videogames & consoles.

Up there on the top 20 list of hot products to sell on ebay, if you’ve got old games consoles kicking around they should definitely marked for sale.

Fashion items.

From dresses, watches to trainers you can sell popular brands and on-trend fashion items quite easily.


It sounds a lot more classy that ‘second hand’ so pop that in your item description and you’ll get more hits for your items. Vintage anything from bicycles to dresses, watches and furniture are popular.


There are approximately two searches a minute for lego on ebay! Even brands such as Argos are capitalising on this and putting ads for brand new lego toys on the site. This children’s classic and other toys can be passed on rather than ditched.

Garden & camping items.

We’re not suggesting selling old, moss covered, broken garden furniture – that you should let us clear away. But if you’re just upgrading your furniture ready for BBQ weather then think of selling your old garden furniture. Even things like tents and camping equipment will sell online as people seek alternatives to buying new.

Get decluttering and let us remove that rubbish

De-cluttering always makes me feel a little bit guilty especially when you come across those ski boots you’ve never worn or the wasted money spent on that stepper machine! Don’t let that give you an excuse to procrastinate. Put all your rubbish in a pile let and us whisk that away while you put your feet up and pop those more valuable items up for sale.

Happy Spring!

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