28 March 2021

Largest Rubbish Removals – Marriage and Divorce

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From moving house to new arrivals, whatever changes life brings, there’s sure to be rubbish that needs removing afterwards. For life’s largest rubbish removal moments, Clearabee’s ‘Man and Van’ clearance services offer a convenient, flexible and cost-effective solution.

Throughout this series, we’ll take a look at these moments and for this edition, we’ll look at marriages and divorce and how we can help you to handle the waste produced by them. If you already know what you want from your rubbish removals, then simply book your clearance now or get in touch with us to request a call back.

Marriages and Rubbish Removals

According to the Office For National Statistics, there were 242,842 marriages in England and Wales in 2017 whilst there were a further 956 civil partnerships in 2018. Many of these unions could well be couples living separately with their parents but it seems safe to say that the majority will involve the joining of two households into one. That usually involves a lot of items that need removing and disposing of responsibly.


Bed frames, mattresses, bedside tables, wardrobes, dressing tables, lamps and flatscreen TVs: the list of things that you may need to get rid of can seem endless… and that’s just the bedroom. This collection of items are bulky by nature and can be difficult to manoeuvre. What’s more, mixed-waste streams such as these cannot be disposed of in the same skip or Skip Bag due to the presence of the lamps and TV, which contains electrical and hazardous components.

This is where Clearabee’s ‘Man and Van’ clearance services is usually the most convenient and cost-effective option for house clearances. For bulky items such as these, we will send a two-person team who can remove them from anywhere in your house as long as it is safe to do so; that means up flights of stairs and lofts and basements if needs be. 30 minutes of labour is included in our costs so we can do all of the heavy lifting for you.

Follow this link to find out more about our house clearance service or look at our ‘Man and Van’ FAQs. But how can we help with clearances following a divorce?

Divorces and Waste Clearances

The Office for National Statistics reported that 90, 871 opposite-sex marriages ended in divorce in 2018, which was a 10.6 % decrease from 2017 but also the lowest since 1971. Whereas, of course, we wouldn’t comment or intrude, we can help with the clearance aspects that might come along with such an event.


Whatever it is you want to get rid of, Clearabee can attend your property promptly and very often on the same day as your order. This means that we can get things cleared for you quickly, helping you to get back to more important matters. Should you not be at the property, we can remove items from outside of the property as long as you’re on hand to answer the phone in case we have any queries. We’ll also send you an SMS when we’re on our way as well as take photos before and after so you’ll know that your waste has been removed.

Should you need a little longer to clear items from your property, there’s also the option of hiring from our wide range of next business day delivery skips or Skip Bag options. Our skip hire period is 14 days in duration whilst our Skip Bags have a six-month collection window option, which will give you plenty of time to organise what you want to keep and what you want to clear, although you will need to do all of the loading yourself. Let’s talk about cost and how you can work it out.

House Clearances with our Waste Calculator

Clearabee’s Waste Calculator is a unique tool for working out exactly how much waste you can get rid of for your money. It allows you to add items of your choice (such as a bed or a wardrobe) to a virtual basket as well as letting you remove them if the cost outstretches your budget. Once all the items are in your basket, you’ll need to enter your postcode before you’re presented with the most suitable choices for your waste clearance ranging from ‘Man and Van’ to skip hire to Skip Bags. Each option will include the cost so you can work out which is best for you.

room graphic

For example, if you wanted to remove a living room rug, a coffee table and a set of cupboards, it would cost £109.99 for an on-demand ‘Man and Van’ clearance, £180 for a 4y3 skip and £219.99 for a 4.5 yard Skip Bag. It is worth mentioning, however, that with the skip and Skip Bag options, you would actually be able to remove approximately another 2y3 of waste for that cost but again, you would need to do the lifting yourself.

Whichever option you choose, Clearabee ensure that at least 95% of all the waste that we collect is diverted from landfill at a Waste Transfer Station that is local to you. Our services are also carbon neutral, thanks to our ultra-light vehicles, shorter journeys and reforestation projects which have seen the planting of 19,674 trees. You can read more about our environmental credentials here.

We also issue a digital Waste Transfer Note after each clearance is completed so you have a record of what items you have had removed, which vehicle removed them, which Waste Transfer Station they were transported to and what the final landfill diversion rate was. All in all, you can have confidence in Clearabee.

home waste

Whatever your future has in store, Clearabee’s rubbish removals are here to help you to clear the way. Book your clearance now or request that Clearabee give you a buzz.

Removing rubbish. It’s what we do.

All of the prices detailed in this article were correct at the time of going to press.

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