20 January 2018

Why being tidy could spice up your sex life

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Mess is the biggest turn off in the bedroom for couples

61% of couples argue about mess almost once a week, that’s 51 arguments per year

Mess closely ranks behind money as a leading source of arguments amongst couples

Couples wanting to avoid the divorce courts this January and spice up their sex lives may find a simple declutter could improve their relationships. New research from Clearabee, the on-demand rubbish removal business, suggests that mess is the biggest turn off in the bedroom and also one of the biggest causes of arguments amongst couples.

Just under half (49%) of people are turned off by mess and clutter in the bedroom. This is followed by holes in the sheets (43%) and too cold a temperature (41%). Too much heat in the bedroom (39%) and bright lights (38%) are also big turn offs for amorous couples.

The top five bedroom turn-offs

Mess and clutter (49%)

Holes in the sheets (43%)

Too cold a temperature (41%)

Too warm a temperature (39%)

Bright lights (38%)

In addition to interfering with couples’ sex lives or drive, mess is also one of the leading sources of arguments amongst them, with 13% of couples citing mess as the issue they are most likely to argue about. It ranks second only to money, with it actually rating as the highest source of arguments amongst those aged 55+ (14%).

Couples in Bristol, Manchester, Southampton, Plymouth, Norwich and Liverpool said that the other person’s mess was a greater source of arguments than money. Whereas couples in Cardiff, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Newcastle and Nottingham had the fewest arguments about mess and junk.

What couples are most likely to argue about in their daily life

Money (15%)

The other person’s mess / collection of junk (13%)

Chores (10%)

Heating / temperature (10%)

What to have for dinner (6%)

Who looks after the kids (3%)

Keeping fit (3%)

In laws/family (1%)

Politics /religion (1%)

Other (5%)

Prefer not to say (4%)


Six in ten (61%) of those in a relationship say they argue about mess, on average, 51 times a year, almost once a week. This is despite people saying they declutter their house or personal space, on average, three times a month with 13% doing so once a week or more frequently.

Jo Hemmings, Behavioural Psychologist and Relationship Coach: “They say a tidy house is a tidy mind and this applies even more to couples as Clearabee’s research shows – especially where one partner is ‘naturally’ untidier than the other – causing rows in over 60% of couples and resentment to build up on both sides. Having both a regular declutter and keeping the bedroom a mess free zone, is one easy way to create a calmer, more harmonious and intimate relationship.”

Daniel Long, founder and managing director at Clearabee, comments: “This is a great time of year to start afresh and make your partner happy by clearing out the old junk. Doing a big clear out is a great way to start the New Year and will pave the way to a tidier and possibly more romantic 2018.”

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Clearabee is the largest rubbish clearance waste carrier, providing on-demand rubbish removal and bulky waste collections across the country. Clearabee also operates a national skip bag service.

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