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General Waste Bins

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General Waste Definition

General Waste Disposal: Get the Most out of your Bin

Each category of waste requires a different approach to get rid of it effectively.


Some waste like bulky waste is difficult to manage due to its size while general waste can be tricky to reuse and recycle. A research document published by Government shows just how much waste we can produce. One figure stated that in 2016, UK households produced 12% 220 million tonnes of waste which was produced that year.


Things are heading in the right direction with the recycling rates of packaging hitting 70%. Now that households are producing so much general waste, we have put together this guide to help define general waste and provide advice on how to effectively get rid of it.


General Waste FAQs


For some quick insights, here are some frequently asked questions we often receive regarding general waste.


What is general waste?

General waste tends to be waste that does not fall into the category of green and recyclable waste. Common examples of waste include leftover food, crisp wrappers, small amounts of cooking oil and more.

What colour bin is used for general waste?

The general waste bin is generally either black or brown but colours can vary across the country. Don’t assume that the general waste bin is black and check the local council’s website to make sure.

What are the different types of waste?

Although we are mainly discussing general waste in the guide we can help clear every type of waste you may produce or encounter. These include garden waste, bulky waste, construction waste and much more.

How much does it cost to take away general waste?

Your council collected general waste bin will be free but will leave you needing more capacity in a lot of cases. A Clearabee bin collection will effectively double your bin’s capacity and starts at £29.99 in most areas.

How quickly could you remove my waste?

If you were to book a Clearabee bin removal before 10 pm we will usually be able to collect your bin on the following morning.


Clearabee General Waste Removal Options


If you already know all you need to know about general waste and are just interested in booking a service to get rid of your rubbish you can our bin collection page for an instant quote based on your postcode. If you are interested in a clearance on a larger scale you could try our waste calculator which allows you to pick and choose what items you’d like clearing for a bespoke quote.



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