A Guide to General Waste

General Waste Bins

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General Waste Bins

General Waste Collection with Clearabee

General Waste Definition

General Waste Disposal: Get the Most out of your Bin

What you can and can’t use your bin for.


black bin

With a definition in mind here are two lists of what you should and what you shouldn’t put into your general waste bin. These are not exhaustive lists so if you have something that you are unsure of you may have to may your own quick enquiry.


these may differ slightly from one council to another, most local councils have their own website where you can check to make sure.

You may have noticed that we have been using the term general waste bin and not ‘black bin’ which many people would be more familiar with. This is because what that each bin is used for, its colour and how often they are collected may be completely different depending on where you are in the UK.


Thurrock Council (Essex):

Blue bin for recyclable waste. Brown bin for garden waste. Green/grey bin for general waste.


Black bin for general waste. Green bin for recycling.


Has a bin for general waste but also has a separate ‘food caddy’ for food waste.

Bedworth and Nuneaton (Coventry):

Black bin for general waste. A brown lid bin where the main body for most recyclable items and a container at the top for paper and cardboard.


Blue box for paper and cardboard. Green bag for metal cans, tins and plastic bottles. Black box for glass bottles and jars. Green bin for garden waste. Black bin or bags for general waste.


Black bin for general waste. Opt-in green bins for garden waste. Black bin with a blue lid for recycling.

This should put into perspective how confusing council collected bins can be at times. This problem becomes especially apparent as collections become less and less frequent. In the next section, we will look at how to get the most out of your general waste bin.



A Guide to General Waste

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