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  • [MAN & VAN] How does it work?

    Man and van rubbish removals are our most flexible service. We supply all reasonable labour and will take the waste from almost anywhere.

  • [MAN & VAN] Estimating & Quoting

    We provide a quote at the time of booking based off the information you supply us. This can change on the day once we review the waste in person.

    When our truck team arrives they will confirm the final price before commencing the work. If you're happy with the price, we'll then start clearing.

  • [MAN & VAN] Is my quote fixed?

    Once we start the work, as long as the full scope of the work is confirmed then the quote is fixed. Should it turn out under that big pile of cardboard there was a big pile of bricks, then the price could be revised - which is why our collection team may ask you a few questions if they can't see everything before clearing.

  • [MAN & VAN] Weight limits

    Each cubic yard 0 0.83 cubic metres comes with a 100kg weight limit, as estimated by our truck team. As we need to supply you with a quote in advance, the weight will be estimated in bands before the collection commences.

    Collections are usually charged by estimated volumes rather than weight. Weight typically becomes a factor when is large amounts of heavy and dense waste such as bricks, rubble and soil. For these sort of collections our smaller sized beebags tend to be more appropriate and cost effective.

  • [MAN & VAN] What can't we remove?

    We can't remove raw meat or fish, paints, solvents, chemicals, oil, petrol, diesel, gas bottles and fire extinguishers.

    We also can't work our needles or at heights, so the waste will need to be safely accessible.

  • [MAN & VAN] Where should I put the waste?

    We include all reasonable labour which means you can put the waste almost anywhere as long as it is safe for our team to access. We allow around 5 minutes per cubic yard / 0.83 cubic metres of waste, which means most locations will be fine and incur no extra charge,

    To work in an attic it must be boarded and staired, with suitable lighting available. We cannot work in dilapidated buildings or on construction sites.

  • [MAN & VAN] What if there is more waste than I expected?

    Our man and van clearances are completely flexible. This means we're happy to take more or less on the day. Our truck team will always confirm at the start the size of the job and the cost of the clearance. At this stage, we can either work to a budget or clear the whole lot. If there is less than you thought, we'll also reduce the cost down appropriately.

  • [MAN & VAN] Extras

    Most waste streams are included in our standard pricing. There are a few items where we do charge an extra for due to the additional cost we incur in processing these waste streams.

    This currently includes fridges, air conditioning units and tyres.

  • [MAN & VAN] Will you do all the loading?

    Our truck teams will take care of all the loading, as long as it is safe to do so. It's included in the price in almost all cases. If the waste is a long way (>25m) from the road or we can't park anywhere near the property, a labour charge may apply. This will be made clear in advance.

  • [MAN & VAN] Do I need to supply parking?

    We will need to be able to park within a reasonable distance to the waste to avoid extra charges.

    If parking charges are required these will be passed on.

    We cannot park in dangerous locations or where we would be causing an obstruction to other road users or pedestrians, including red routes.

  • [PAYMENT] Which card types do you accept?

    We accept all major credit and debit cards including Visa, Mastercard and AMEX. There are no extra card charges.

  • [PAYMENT] Can I pay by cash?

    Unfortunately we cannot accept cash. All bookings are confirmed with an attendance fee at the time of booking with payment for the waste due once it has been assessed, usually by CHIP & PIN.

  • [PAYMENT] I won't be in, how can I pay?

    If you're not going to be in for the collection you can choose to pre-pay the clearance in advance or we can give you a call when our truck team arrives to charge the balance.

    You will need to ensure you're available when our truck team does arrive to ensure the collection does not fail.

  • [PAYMENT] Can I prepay for the waste?

    You can prepay online or over the telephone. We'd recommend you send us a photo if you're not going to be present or available at the time of collection incase there is a variation in the price or the waste is not quite as described and we need clarification.

  • [BEEBAG] What is a BEEBAG?

    BEEBAG's are polywoven bags and are also known as skip bags. We currently have four sizes of skip bag - a small bag, medium bag, large bag, and a extra large bag.

    A large bag is a little larger than a typical medium skip, at 4.5 cubic yards.

  • [BEEBAG] How do they arrive?

    Our bags arrive through the post. They won't usually fit through your letter box so someone will need to be in to sign for it. You can usually request the item is left in a safe place or with a neighbour.

  • [BEEBAG] Where can I place them?

    Our bags can be placed almost anywhere and don't need to be placed next to the road. You can even place a bag indoors, although this will cost slightly extra as access will be required.

    Our bags are removed by hand and can be decanted - which means you can place the bag where it is convenient for you and leave the hard work to us.

    As we use smaller vehicles, we can also access narrow lanes and won't cause an obstruction upon collection.

  • [BEEBAG] What constitutes an overfilled bag?

    If you've built the sides up and over the bag then this would constitute an overfilled bag and will likely incur a surcharge. If you've filled a large bag full of rubble, it will likely be significantly over weight and would incur a surcharge.

    If you have just a few items protruding from the top above the fill line, we'd usually be able to load this as long as the bag isn't completely compacted.

  • [BEEBAG] What if they are overfilled?

    As we're not craning the bags, we can remove overfilled bags. There would usually be a surcharge for this and if you provide us with a photo in advance we can pre-charge. If we can't contact you, we may not be able to undertake the collection.

  • [BEEBAG] Are they suitable for construction waste?

    Our small bag is perfect for dense and heavy construction waste such as bricks, rubble and soil. Our medium bag is fine for heavy and dense waste but if completely filled it is likely to be overweight and a surcharge may apply.

    Large bags are designed for bulky and out-size waste. They are not suitable for construction waste or dense and heavy waste.

  • [BEEBAG] How do you remove them?

    As we're a man and van service we don't use cranes to remove our bags. As we're not using big HGV's we can be more flexible, meaning we can collect your bag on a same day basis and you can place the bag further from the road. Additionally we can remove mixed waste streams and if you do overfill the bag we can still remove it, just for a little extra.

    It also means we generally cause less disruption as you won't have a large HGV on your street and we aren't constrained by obstacles preventing access, such as cars, walls or overhead power lines.

    As the UK's largest in-house rubbish clearance company, we're use to hand balling waste - we offer the bag service to provide a fixed price and containment.

  • [BEEBAG] Can I use a 3rd bag instead of yours?

    We can collect any bag, including Hippo Bags, and are nearly always cheaper and quicker.

  • [BEEBAG] Delivery options

    We include free next day delivery with all collections. You can choose to upgrade to Saturday delivery for £10. Once we receive your order we will book it in with the courier who will send an SMS or email. At this point, you can re-arrange delivery, change the address or add extra instructions if you would now like it left with a neighbour or in a safe place.

  • [BEEBAG] Cut off times for next day delivery

    To guarantee next working day delivery we will need to receive the order by 3pm Mon-Fri. Orders received after 3pm on Friday will be dispatched on Monday.

  • [BEEBAG] Extras and surcharges

    Our prices are fixed for the bag as long as the waste fits within the bag and is not overweight. However, should you overload a bag or have extra waste we can still remove it but a surcharge will apply. You'll need to discuss this with us in advance or be available on the day of collection to ensure the collection does not fail.

    There are a few extra items we do charge extra for, including hazardous waste such as fridges and TV's and also difficult to process waste such as mattresses.

  • [BEEBAG] Refunds & returns

    If you change your mind before you book the collection, we're happy to offer a full refund. Please send the bag back to us in the original packaging and we will process a full refund at that point.

  • [BEEBAG] How long is my order valid for?

    All BEEBAG orders are valid for a minimum of 1 year, so there's no rush and don't panic if you change your plans.

  • [BEEBAG] Can I change the pick up address?

    To change the pick up address we'll just need your name, post code and order number - or at least two of these. We can then switch the address of the collection right away.

  • [BEEBAG] Do I need to be in?

    As long as the bag is accessible, there is no need for you to be in at the time of collection. You will typically receive a call or SMS when a team is on the way, but this is only as a courtesy. We'll usually knock the door on arrival, but the collection will continue in your absence as long as we can safely access the bag.

  • [BEEBAG] Can I place ny bag on a public highway?

    Our bags are designed to be placed on private property. We can collect from a public highway but you would need to organise lighting and signage to comply with local regulations.

    A beebag misplaced on a public highway or someone elses property without permission may be considered flyitpping, so please check with your council before.

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