20 May 2022

Clutter Removal and Hoarder Clean Up

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Hoarding can manifest lightly in individuals but on the other end of the scale can become a debilitating disorder. Although it’s not always been medically recognized, hoarding can now be diagnosed and treatment has since developed. Whether you’re clearing up after a recovering hoarder or just after a big clear out, Clearabee will happily collect discarded items.


What is hoarding?

Approximately 70 species of animals hoard food. It’s interesting to speculate how hoarding could be a physical manifestation of a natural instinct to create a reserve of resources. An estimated 5% of the UK population has some form of hoarding disorder but it was only formally recognised in 2013. Symptoms of a hoarder include being blind to the fact that you’re hoarding and only realizing the mess when someone else is in your space. Mind has lots more information if you’re worried about someone you know and there are more useful resources provided by the NHS.


How to clear away hoarded items

There are plenty of cleaning and clearing services but together this can become expensive. If you want to save money you can clear the house and put the waste in a convenient place and then book a collection service. Hiring a skip is also another option and allows you to perform your clearance over an allotted amount of days and gives you a place to store the waste in the meantime. Both of these options can affordably and conveniently be provided by Clearabee.


How to save hoarder cleanup costs

With the space clear you can perform a lot of the light cleaning yourself. This can include jobs such as hoovering carpets, mopping hard floors, and wiping down and polishing surfaces. What you’re aiming to do, is to cut down on services that you have to pay for. For example, you want to do this easy cleaning yourself so you only need a specialist cleaner for tougher jobs, if they are any at all. You can also save money by taking rubbish to the tip yourself but this is dependent on your car space and how many visits your tip allows you to make per month.


So to summarise:

•Decide on what items you want to get rid of and •form a pile that is easily accessible

•Book a Clearabee ‘Man and Van’ collection to remove and responsibly dispose of the pile

•Perform your own clean of the house

•Check if there are any remaining marks, stains or mould.

•Contact your local specialist cleaner if required.


Removing mould from a decluttered space

There are more savings to be made if all that remains are a few mould marks. A cluttered home may lead to patches of mould due to spaces of walls being hidden by objects. If there are high levels of moisture in the air due to poor ventilation, this can also cause mould to grow. Getting a professional to clean mould can start at £70 and spiral to £800 for more serious cases. If you have small patches of mould you can tackle this with a bleach and water solution or a premade mould remover. We advise that you wear a mask, gloves and keep the room ventilated while performing this task.


How to choose what to keep

From serious hoarders to your average bedroom, we all probably hold on to things that we don’t necessarily need anymore. There are plenty of guides and methodologies on how to organise your clearing out process but one of the more popular ones is the KonMari method. This has spiralled in popularity from its inception and has even spawned a series on Netflix. You may not want to adopt every principle as it’s very thorough but it helps put into perspective what you do and don’t need.


Why use Clearabee

Clearabee is the most convenient option when it comes to rubbish removals as we’re an on-demand service that can be at your door on the same day as your enquiry. When you’ve got a lot of clutter in your home it’s hard to tell how much you actually have or need to get rid of. We have a range of flexible collection options for varying quantities of waste. Manual labour is included in your collection so we will load the waste onto our van for you. Reasonable labour will not include us coming into your home and decluttering it for you which is why we suggest forming an easily accessible pile for us.

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