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Waste carrier’s licence: CBDU61392

Sofa Recycling & POPs MRF

Clearabee operates a state-of-the-art sofa and POPs Materials Recycling Facility in the heart of Birmingham, open to third party waste carriers, permitted sites, and companies transporting their own waste.


As a specialist POPs and Sofa Recycling Facility, these items will be treated with an Energy from Waste (EfW) end destination in line with current legislation surrounding the treatment of upholstered furniture and domestic seating containing POPs. Our sofa recycling and POPs facility is a 100% landfill diversion site. As well as sofas and POPs, we can accept other bulky waste streams such as mattress recycling.

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waste facility

POPs and Sofa Recycling

Upholstered Furniture & Domestic Seating Waste


Fully electric processing line – powered by renewable energy

waste transfer station

100% landfill diversion with EfW end treatment


Capacity for 1m items of furniture per year


What is POPs waste?

In January 2023, the Environment Agency classified upholstered items of domestic seating such as sofas as containing pollutant organic particles (POPs).


Due to this, these items must be incinerated and should not be recycled. These items must be processed in specialist facilities, preventing cross contamination with recycled or re-used waste streams and once processed sent for Energy from Waste. Our site in Birmingham is designed for POPs waste with a capacity of around 1 million items per year.

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Our Sofa Recycling Site

Our site is a state-of-the-art setup in a modern building.


It is designed for good vehicle access with cement floors suitable for all types of lorries and vans. We will assist with unloading where required and ensure a speedy exit from the site.

2 people

275+ member of staff


175+ vehicles



We accept third-party vehicles in our safe and clean site.


This includes articulated lorries, RORO’s, walking floors, and vans. Many household names and large retailers use our site on a daily basis to process their POPs waste, as well as local and regional Materials Recycling Facilities. 


Help available on-site


Variety of vehicles accepted


Sofa Collection

We are the UK’s largest in-home sofa collection service, with over 175 in-house vehicles completing thousands of jobs per week. As well as our vans, we also operate a fleet of HGV’s which can assist with large collections at customer premises such as distribution centres and offices.  


When we collect from you, we will use one of our own sofa treatment sites wherever possible or an audited, permitted local bulking or processing facility.


Thousands of items to be processed


All wood and metals extracted and separated


The POPs Process

We have an advanced process that involves a primary shredder and a secondary shredder.


We use a system of magnets and an eddy current to remove metal and other impurities from the waste. This leaves us with a clear SRF which is a relatively green type of fuel used for cement kilns and other Energy from Waste facilities.  


Sub 40mm SRF


Replaces coal in cement kilns


By processing our own waste

The planet and the environment have always been at the forefront of the Clearabee business model. Opening up our site in Birmingham has helped reduce our carbon footprint.


  • Less driving. As our vehicles are based here, we’re not driving to other third-party facilities.
  • 100% landfill diversion. As we are processing the waste ourselves, we can guarantee the waste is diverted from landfill. We also ensure as much as possible considering TEEP, is re-used or recycled, with EfW being a last resort for non-POPs waste streams.

Electric shredders – We have invested in electric shredders which are powered by renewable energy.


Carbon offset – we offset the carbon from our vehicles including in-home collections where we come to you.


"Domestic seating waste containing POPs cannot be landfilled, recycled or prepared for reuse and must be incinerated."

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Sofa Recycling & POPs MRF FAQ

Here are a few frequently asked questions we receive regarding sofa removal, recycling and disposal.

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Why do you shred and incinerate sofas?
The law requires items which may contain POPs to be incinerated. This means we are not legally allowed to try and recycle or re-use these items, to ensure the environment is protected.
Can you tell which sofas contain POP’s?
Yes. We have XRF guns on site which allow us to identify sofas containing POPs. It is not possible to scan every item and many items are mixed with sofas containing POPs, meaning we must treat them all on this basis. It does, however, mean we can assist you in identifying if a high-quality sofa contains POPs and if not, we can help re-use it or donate it to a charity.
Can sofas be delivered in any condition?
Generally, yes. Sofas arrive to us crushed, compacted, wet or in perfect condition sometimes. As we will be processing the sofas which involved two shredders and an EfW end destination, the condition is not a problem for us. You should however consider they are stored on the vehicle and at your site, to ensure you are complying with storage regulations.
Does your permit allow you to process POPs?
Yes, we are regulated by the Environment Agency who have visited our site and are aware of the waste streams we accept, including bulky waste containing POPs. As a Permitted Waste Site, we undergo regular and thorough Environment Agency audits.
What EWC can you accept sofas and POPs waste as?
We generally accept sofas under the waste code: 20 03 07 – Domestic seating containing POPs. We can also accept items you may have partially processed or shredded under the following code: 19 12 12 – Mechanically processed waste containing POPs.
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