29 January 2021

Sofa Collection: Your Questions Answered

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Sofa collection and removals can be difficult to orchestrate from the standpoints of cost, practicality and ensuring that they are disposed of responsibly. In order to ease this process, we’re here to answer the most frequently-asked questions as well as going into some specifics that you might not find anywhere else. If you’re ready to let Clearabee take care of your sofa removal, head to our dedicated sofa removal page and book now. Otherwise, let’s give you some answers.

The following set of questions have been sourced from the People Always ask sections of Google’s results pages, but if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to give Clearabee a buzz.


Sofa collection: the reality

Although there are other ways to get your sofa removed as mentioned above, it’s not without good reason that Clearabee’s sofa collection services are increasingly popular:

Local council collections may not be as flexible as Clearabee’s sofa collections in terms of providing a named-day service or offering time slots. Waiting times can often be in excess of a week and you may have to remove the sofa from your house in order for it to be collected (itself a two-person job).

Local charity shops are often on the look-out for resellable furniture that someone else can make use of, but there is often stringent criteria attached to this service. The furniture must be in very good condition with the fire label still attached or the charity shop will not be interested or be able to sell the sofa. Demand is also a factor as the shops only have so much room and the issues with collections can be similar to those with the council.

It is worth bearing in mind the potential pitfalls of using community websites such as Facebook, Freecycle and Gumtree to give away your sofa. You have to take the usual precautions when dealing with other people online, especially as these people may be coming in to your house for collection. There are also the inconveniences that could come from no-shows and bartering so do consider these before listing your items online.

Finally, transporting your furniture to the tip yourself is the most obvious solution for many, but this depends on you being able to move the sofa yourself (which usually means involving a friend or neighbour), having a vehicle which can accommodate the furniture or hiring a van.

It’s reasons such as the above which means that Clearabee are often the best option.


Sofa collection with Clearabee

Clearabee’s sofa collection services are fixed-price so you know what you’re getting for your money. No matter where you are in the country, our service starts with a £59.99 call-out charge with the remainder depending on what furniture you need collecting. In addition to the call-out charge, a single-seater armchair costs £20, with £30 for a two-seater and £40 for a three-seater or sofa bed. At the price of £50 and the call-out fee, we will remove a four-seater sofa or corner unit.

Our sofa recycling service also makes sure that your old furniture goes to good use. Our landfill diversion rates average at least 95% of all the sofas that we collect, which means that yours won’t simply go to waste. Each component of your sofa is typically reused, either by being reformed into other metal elements in the case of rivets, screws and springs or into Energy from Waste (EfW) in the case of wood, foam and material.

To find out more about our services, be sure to read our sofa removal guide or take a look at what happens to your old sofa.

Clearabee are registered waste carriers and the most-reviewed clearance service on Trustpilot, with a 5-star ‘Excellent’ rating and recently surpassed 10,000 reviews. We issue a digital Waste Transfer Note after each collection tips so you will have proof that your unwanted items have been disposed of responsibly and that your Duty of Care has been satisfied. We only use local Waste Transfer Stations, which are successfully audited by our compliance team in order to ensure the highest levels of recycling. In short, you can have confidence in Clearabee.

Book your sofa removal now or take a look at our sofa collection page for more information.

Removing rubbish. It’s what we do.


All prices contained within this article were correct as of the publication date.

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