11 May 2020

Reporting Fly Tipping? There’s An App For That!

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Since the UK went into the lockdown, the country has seen local authority household recycling centres and tips close their doors. Coupled with an increase in the production of domestic waste due to the public being home-bound, and the uptake in home improvements/renovations, The Countryside Alliance has reported a 300% rise in fly-tipping incidents in some areas.

The demand for waste removal has seen criminals take advantage of the situation by masquerading as reputable ‘man and van’ operations, only to illegally dump the rubbish on roadsides and private property shortly after it’s been collected. Recently, one such incident culminated in the Lincolnshire police raiding an illegal dumping ground which was approximated to the size of a football field.

In response to the surge, waste management companies have begun looking into and launching apps which can be used to photograph, document and report instances of fly-tipping via the use of personal mobile devices. Making use of GPS locations on phones and tablets, the apps allow users to upload the images and whereabouts of fly-tipping sites, which said waste management companies then aim to remove as quickly as possible.

One such example is the Flymapper app, which can be found via online app stores. This app is available to those who have registered and opened an account and are specifically aimed at businesses and landowners who have become victims of having waste illegally tipped on their property. Once reported, the landowner is notified and the affiliated rubbish removal company are dispatched to clear the waste.

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Fly Tippers’ Fate

Apps such as this also allow the data to be collected and submitted to DEFRA (the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs) to contribute to the national picture of statistics. Perhaps more importantly, the information can also be used as evidence to support either a £50,000 fine or up to five years in prison for the perpetrators.

With the majority of Household Recycling Centres either in lockdown or operating with entry restrictions, there is an abundance of illegal waste removal services which are adding to the fly-tipping problem while still being handsomely paid for the privilege. What’s worse is that customers who have been duped by these illegal services can also find themselves being landed with a hefty fine for failing to practise due diligence. In short, it’s not worth taking a chance.

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Rubbish Removal with Clearabee

Whether it’s your private address or your business property that has experienced fly-tipping, Clearabee can help. We’re the UK’s largest ‘man and van’ waste clearance service as well as the most reviewed rubbish removal service on TrustPilot. Even though local tips are still not fully operational, Clearabee has access to 600 commercial waste disposal sites across the UK, all of which are audited beforehand by our compliance team to ensure they adhere to the highest environmental and health and safety standards.

In addition, each of Clearabee’s collections are completed with the production of an electronic Waste Transfer Note, which details exactly what waste was collected, in which vehicle and at what time. This document is kept on file for future reference. Before and after photographs are also produced as a visual record of the collection process.

Once the vehicle has tipped at a local Waste Transfer Station, we can also let you know which station has received the rubbish, as well as the diversion from landfill rate (which is above 95% on average). We also offset all of the CO2 generated by our vehicles via the 19,674 trees which we have planted, resulting in 2 of our own forests.

Clearabee’s fleet of vehicles are also built on an ultra-light chassis and operate from locations close to you, so you can be sure that all clearances are eco-friendly. Additionally, our drivers are assisted through real-time driver behaviour monitoring, encouraging them to drive as safely and environmentally friendly as possible.

Forget fly-tipping: with Clearabee you can have confidence in our clearances.

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About Clearabee

Based in our Birmingham Head Office, Clearabee operates a nationwide on-demand rubbish clearance and waste removal service. Over 300 directly employed staff and 120 vehicles make up our Man and Van, Skip Bag, skip hire and sofa removal services which all operate in London, Bristol, Leeds and throughout the nation.

We are immensely proud to consider some of the UK’s leading brands as our exclusive customers. For 3 years running, Clearabee has ranked as the fastest-growing waste management company in Europe and has also featured on The Sunday Times Virgin Atlantic Fast Track for the last two years.

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