7 January 2021

Will Tips be Open During Lockdown 2021?

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With the 2021 lockdown just been announced, you may be having some questions as to if any new rules are being made regarding waste and tips. A .gov page has existed for a little while which provides guidance for tips, household recycling centers and those intending on using these services. As of now, there is little to no new information but during the second lockdown, most tips were kept open. A key message on this page to potential visitors of tips is to only make the trip if it is essential. This is very loose terminology as people’s definition of an essential trip to the tip may differ from person to person and county to county.

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Alternative to going to the tip during lockdown 2021

If you have rubbish which you need to get rid of this may leave you with several different dilemmas:

Is your trip deemed essential enough?

Will tips be open during lockdown 2021?

What time will tips close?

How far in advance will you have to book?

Does this mean having to keep hold of your waste for longer than you were intending?

How much proof of ID/address do you need when visiting a tip?

How long will you be stuck in a queue?

In these cases, we are more than happy to provide a quick, convenient, and safe option for getting rid of waste. Our ‘Man and Van’ service can provide a prompt collection for waste of varying quantities, all on a same-day basis. If you wish, you could leave all your waste on the front of your premises and we would come and collect it without you having to mind at all.


There may be scenarios where waste is heavy or bulky so moving it outdoors may create an inconvenience. In these cases, we are happy to enter your premises if you would like to. All of our waste operatives comply with our own COVID guidelines and government regulations to ensure the safety of both our staff and customers. For a full list of how we are ensuring safety, read this update.


Offering efficient and safe solutions to getting rid of waste in these times is important as both previous lockdowns have seen us confined to our usual living spaces. This has inspired many to engage in those DIY jobs that they have been postponing for years, starting new hobbies, or performing a thorough clean out and tidy.


Will Tips Shut in Lockdown?

As of the time this article has been initially published, only a few days have passed since the announcement of the 2021 lockdown. More information and details may be made available and we will try to keep this post as up to date as possible. From what we can tell, most of the tips are choosing to stay open. Many tips and household waste-related social media accounts are reporting opening times and the queuing times as usual. Tips may be aiming to stay open after experiencing the negative impacts of the initial lockdown where most tips were closed. This led to a significant increase in the levels of fly-tipping. During the second lockdown, many tips remained open so this will probably be the case for 2021’s lockdown.

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For a more convenient alternative to trips to the tip, get in contact with the Clearabee team. Our range of options from rubbish collections to Skip Bags means we’ll always have a suitable solution to meet your requirements. We are also able to provide conventional skips which you can keep at your premises to fill at your leisure. We also have over 10,000 reviews on Trustpilot where we are rated as excellent.

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