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How often have you had an electrical item break on you? Whether it’s your hair straighteners giving up the ghost or your freezer breaking down just after you’ve done the big shop; we’ve all been there. Even if your electrical appliances aren’t broken, it can be tempting to go for an upgrade when the latest model comes out. All of these scenarios leave you with a surplus of waste electrical and electronic equipment, or as it is more commonly known: WEEE.


This type of waste cannot be thrown away by the usual means of general waste bins which makes WEEE disposal and WEEE recycling a little trickier. It is important to dispose of this waste properly as it can have serious impacts on the environment If handled irresponsibly.



Here are some frequently asked questions which often surround the subject of WEEE.


What does WEEE mean?

WEEE is an acronym for waste electrical and electronic equipment.

What is WEEE compliance?

WEEE Regulations and the WEEE Directive state that businesses who produce and distribute electrical items must act in a way that reduces WEEE that goes to landfill and their impact on the environment.

Who is responsible for WEEE?

As previously mentioned, distributors have a responsibility to provide services such as take-back schemes. The general public has a responsibility to ensure electrical items are disposed of properly and not via council collected bin. Waste handlers also share this responsibility by providing sustainable services that sees WEEE recycled and diverted away from landfill.

What is classed as WEEE waste?

Typically, if an item requires batteries or can be plugged in, it will fall into the category of WEEE. You can find more information about subcategories and examples of WEEE here.

How do you get rid of electrical waste?

The best way to get rid of electrical waste is by using a trustworthy waste handler. With Clearabee you’ll be using a service you can rely on to recycle your rubbish but we can also take it off your hands on a same-day basis.


Throughout this guide we’ll be looking at WEEE definitions, WEEE regulations and more.. If you’ve found out all you need to know about WEEE and just need a reliable service to get rid of your waste you’re also in the right place. We have a number of rubbish removal options such as ‘Man & Van’ collections and Skip Bags.



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