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How to Remove a Bathroom Sink

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How to Remove a Bathroom Sink

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Clearabee are the UK’s largest clearance company and we’ll happily deal with jobs involving bathroom waste. Our guide will give you the basics on how to remove a bathroom sink if you are planning on tackling this job on your own.


An article on Bidvine estimates that the average cost to have a professional plumber uninstall and replace a bathroom sink is £73-£120. You can reduce the cost of this by ensuring you purchase a new sink at a good rate and by completing half the job yourself. This can apply to the entire bathroom, if you feel confident you can uninstall everything yourself, from tiles to toilets. This will slash the work in half for the professional and your bill once you have a new bathroom.


How to remove a bathroom sink – what you might need:



Step 1 – Taps and Waste Pipes

If you have removed the taps as showcased here, your next priority should to be loosen the connection to the waste pipe. The nut holding this in place can typically be loosened by hand. Be careful as there may be some excess wastewater left in the pipe due to the u-shaped design.


Step 2 – Loosen Any Nuts

Sinks can be held in place by a combination of adhesive, screws and silicon. The best place to start is to locate any screws and unscrew them. There may also be a nut that keeps the basin tight against a thread in the wall.


Step 3 – How to Remove a Bathroom Sink Pedestal

If you can see a layer of silicone or caulk around where the sink meets the wall, you can break this seal with a utility knife. You can also use a scraper to get even more of the sealant off to make life easier.


Step 4 – Remove Additional Sealant

There may have been some adhesive applied to the back of your sink that is keeping it attached to the wall. You can try to get as much off by pushing your scraper in between the sink and the wall but getting it all of will be difficult. With the basin as free from the wall as possible, you should be able to grip it and pull it away from the wall. You may have to use a bit of force and you could pull some tiles away from the wall the but this is perfectly normal. Be careful as the pedestal may fall over easily as it is not fastened down any longer.


Step 5 – Bathroom Sink Removal

You should now be able to lift the pedestal away from where it was fitted.


How to Dispose of Old Sinks

With Clearabee, you have multiple options to get your old sink and waste conveniently removed. If you want a quick removal on a same-day basis you can try our ‘Man & Van’ removal. Alternatively, if you are completing a bathroom demolition over a couple of days or weeks you can hire a Skip Bag.

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