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How to Remove a Bath

How to Remove a Bathroom Sink

How to Remove a Shower

How to Remove a Tap

How to Remove a Toilet

Have you ever moved into your idea of a perfect home but the only setback is a hideous bathroom? Maybe after years of use your own bathroom is looking a little tired and is beginning to show signs of its age? Whether you need to shift large items like toilets, baths, sinks and showers – Clearabee can help remove the resulting waste.


In this guide, we’ll provide some easy step-by-step guides on how to remove items like taps and tiles to help you save money. Once you have created bathroom waste by performing a bathroom demolition, we can then collect the rubbish on a same-day basis. If you feel unconfident in performing any of these jobs you should look into hiring a professional.



Frequently Asked Questions


How much does it cost to remove a bathroom?

Completely removing and renovating a bathroom can cost anywhere from £1000 to £20,000. It depends on how much you are changing, whether your are purchasing luxury items and the ranging prices of plumbers and bathroom fitters. You can reduce the cost by performing tasks such as removing tiles on your own.

Can I take a toilet to the tip?

Many household waste recycling centers will accept items such as toilets. Be sure to check as each tip is different and will have its own rules which can normally be found on their website. There you should be able to find lists of what they can and cannot accept and how much of each item they can accept.

How do you dispose of an old bathtub?

As previously mentioned you can take many items to the tip but if you turn up with too much waste you may get turned away. You will also have to load your own car which will probably not have enough room to hold everything. This is why most bathroom renovation jobs will factor in a rubbish removal service. Whether it’s a ‘Man & Van’ collection or a skip hire, a Clearabee service will make cleaning up after a much easier job.

What’s the difference between a skip and a Skip Bag?

Skips are a common solution to removing rubbish after renovating a room in a home but are not always the most convenient. They can take a little while to arrive and take up a reasonable amount of space. On the other hand, Skip Bags can be delivered in the post and take up very little room.

Clearabee Services

If you just require a solution to get rid of the waste created by your bathroom renovation, here are some options:


Man and Van

Our ‘Man and Van’ collections are our most popular service that boats same-day collection and reasonable labour included.


Skip Hire

Skips can provide the perfect solution to clearing up after the renovation of a room such as a bathroom. Unlike a collection, a skip can be kept at your premises to allow you to clear up after yourself over a a couple of days or weeks.

skip bag

Skip Bags

If a skip is too big for your clear-up a skip bag may be more coinvent and cost-effective. These bags can be posted to your address and when you need it retrieved you can simply book a collection online.


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