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Construction Waste Removal with Clearabee

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Construction Waste Management: What Happens to Your Waste?

Construction Waste Removal with Clearabee

What is Construction Waste?

At Clearabee we have a range of options for construction waste removal. This category of waste is more complicated than a simple sofa removal so if you should get in contact with us so we can fully understand your circumstances to help offer you the best solution. As mentioned before, a Clearabee clearance may be ideal for a clear-up after a small extension but stray away from large-scale construction jobs like the construction of an entirely new house. Even so, we’d advise getting in contact as we may able to create a bespoke solution or recommend an alternative.


Construction Waste Removal for a Kitchen Refurbishment

kitchen sink

Waste created by a kitchen refurbishment is normally large and heavy but is more manageable than a large pile of bricks or plasterboard. A couple of old kitchen cupboards can be lifted and moved onto a van so you can avoid having to place a skip by your home. Electrical waste (WEEE) is regularly coupled with these types of jobs and a brand-new kitchen usually comes with new appliances. These can be easily added to the cost of our flexible ‘Man and Van’ collections where we can do the heavy lifting for you.


Our collections are measured in cubic yards with one cubic yard being around the size of 2 washing machines. Our collections come with reasonable labour included which means we’ll be able to lift and move waste out of your home for around half an hour without any extra charges. With this in mind, please make sure your rubbish as easily accessible as possible as we’ll be able to remove it from your home quicker and you’ll avoid any extra fees for the job taking too long.


Construction Waste Removal for an Extension to your Home


This kind of job is typically more difficult to deal with than a refurb due to the amount of loose and heavy waste created by items like bricks and plasterboard. As such it’s best to get in contact and discuss your circumstances to see if a Clearabee clearance is the right option for you. In this example, we’ll use the example of adding an extra bedroom to a home.


A very common solution to these types of jobs is a medium-sized skip such as a 6-yard. It’s best not to get a skip too large, this is because it’s easy to exceed its weight limitation when filling it with items like bricks. If performed by a good builder your extension should not produce masses of waste, which can be easily stored in a 6-yard skip. Our booking process is available 24 hours a day and can be served on a next-day basis. By using this skip hire page, you can receive an instant quote based on your postcode. As of January 2021 and by using a B16 postcode, a 6-yard skip will cost £210.24.


Construction Waste Removal for Light DIY


Sometimes construction waste isn’t produced by large jobs like refurbs and renovations but instead simple DIY jobs performed around the home. Even in small quantities, construction waste can be difficult to get rid of. We can use the example of someone re-tiling a shower cubicle. After completing this sometimes-difficult DIY job would you want to then have to load your car and take the rubbish down the tip?


In this scenario, you could choose a couple of options. If you just wanted us to collect the tiles you could order a couple of mini skip bags. Each bag can be filled with a maximum weight of 25 kg and they come in rolls of 10 which should give you plenty of space for the tiles. If your DIY job extended to replacing a bath or bathroom cabinets, you could also have these collecting by adding on an additional ‘Man and Van’ collection.

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Construction Waste Management: What Happens to Your Waste?

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