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Bulky Waste Definition and Examples

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Bulky Waste and Furniture Recycling

Bulky Waste Definition and Examples

Options for Bulky Waste Disposal and Collections

Defining Bulky Waste Collection

You may be asking yourself ‘what counts as bulky waste?’ and that’s a valid question as bulky waste encapsulates a multitude of different items.


With a quick search of bulky waste definitions around the web, you may find phrases like ‘items you would take with you if you were to move house’ and ‘waste which is too large for your bin’.

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Bulky Waste Definition

Wrap’s bulky waste definition reads as:


Waste that exceeds 25kg in weight or waste which cannot fit into receptacles for household waste.”

This bulky waste definition is only so useful as there is still some room for interpretation. Local councils have fallen victim to this as lists of what they can accept as bulky waste may vary from one constituency to another. This creates a discrepancy as to what exactly bulky waste is, depending on who you ask.


What we can draw from all these definitions is that bulky waste is very much an umbrella term. This means a waste clearance company should be flexible in what they are able to collect and the services they provide. At Clearabee we’re more than happy to build you a bespoke quote based on the waste you have. This means if you were to have a mix of items, some bulky waste and some you were unsure of – we’ll be able to collect the lot and recycle it.



What Items are Considered Bulky Waste?

This is not a definitive list but here are some bulky waste examples:


Armchairs, Baths, Beds, Bookcases, Cabinets, Carpet and underlay, Chairs, Clothes rails, Coffee tables, Cots, Cupboards, Desks, Dishwasher, Doors, Drawers, Dryers, Flooring, Footrests, Freezers, Fridges, Furniture, Headboards, Ladders, Large IT equipment, Mattresses, Oven, Racks, Rugs, Shelving, Showers, Sofas, Stands, Stools, Tables, Televisions, Trampolines, Wardrobes, Washing machines.


This may not be an exhaustive list so if you have an item that is not on this list, it’s worth enquiring with Clearabee as we’ll most likely be able to take it away.


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