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Mattress Recycling & Removal at Clearabee

We have opened our very own mattress recycling facility capable of reclaiming materials so that as little goes to waste as possible.


One of the hardest parts of recycling is separating an item into its raw materials so that different waste streams are not mixed. From sofas to mattresses we are able to process a wide range of waste while achieving high rates of recycling

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mattresses recycling

Waste collection

Mattress removal with Clearabee


Over 150,000 jobs are completed yearly from locations across the nation.

waste transfer station

Opening our own mattress recycling centre that can shred thousands of sofas per year.


Our new facility will be able to reclaim more materials from mattresses and prevent unnecessary waste.


Mattress recycling with Clearabee

With people tending to replace their mattresses every 6-8 years results in a constant flow of mattresses that require disposing of. This is one of the reasons they are one of the most commonly fly-tipped items, due to the sheer amount that require disposing of in the first place.


We are committed to the responsible management of waste and now we can even process the waste we collect ourselves, assuring our customers as much materials are reclaimed from their old mattresses as possible.

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Our mattress recycling process

Nationwide mattress collection

Our ‘Man & Van’ collection service is provided by a fleet of over 150+ vehicles stationed across the nation. This allows us to make swift collections with a service that can be at your door on the very same day.


Although not all mattresses contain POPs there are still special regulations around handling them. As such, choosing a trusted waste company such as ourselves will give you peace of mind.


275+ members of staff


100+ vehicles

two people

Our mattress recycling process

Mattress processing

We purchased our first facility in Birmingham and quickly set to work laying the groundwork to create our own waste processing facility. The goal was to create a facility that could process mattresses and other types of waste efficiently and in compliance with the new POPs legislation.


The shredding line and machinery can dismantle and separate items such as fabric and metal from each other into manageable piles. This is very efficient as the separation is also an automated process.


Capacity to process hundreds of mattresses daily


All metals extracted & separated

Mattress springs

Our mattress recycling process

The result

Raw materials such as metal can be sold to be used in new products. Not everything can be recycled and the small amounts of materials that cant can be delivered to a separate facility to be incinerated to prevent anything from going to landfill.


We also are able to process these materials quickly as mattress waste regulations state that you can only store a certain amount of mattresses at any one time.


Opened 2023


High rates of reclaimed materials


Reducing our carbon

Our very own recycling facility

The planet and the environment have always been at the forefront of the Clearabee business and will continue to play a huge part.


From our carbon offsetting projects to ambitious new initiatives involving our own waste processing facilities, we’re committed to handling waste responsibly.


One of our larger efforts to become a carbon-neutral company is through our Clearabee forests. Collectively, we have planted over 43,000 trees at multiple sites across the UK.


As well as offsetting the carbon we emit, we strive to reduce what we output in the first place.


Our van teams are stationed across the country which allows us to make short and efficient journeys to our rubbish collection jobs and then to local waste transfer stations.


Live commissioning from January 2023 with permit issuance.


Capacity for 1 million items of furniture per year.


We keep a close eye on changing legislation to always be compliant

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Frequently asked questions

Mattress removal & recycling FAQ's

Here are a few frequently asked questions we receive regarding mattress removal, recycling and disposal.

Mattress removal FAQs
Where can you remove rubbish from?
Whilst this list is not definitive, we can remove from the following places: indoors including upstairs & outside including gardens.
Does my waste need to be in one place?
We’re happy to collect your rubbish from multiple locations on your premises including across several rooms, so there is no need to put it all in one location. It can be helpful when the waste is clearly separated or in one place, particularly if someone else is showing us what to remove, and also to help provide a quote. It can also make the clearance go a little faster and reduce disruption, but it is certainly not a requirement.
Can I prepay?
You can prepay for your waste online or over the telephone at the time of booking. This can save time when our team arrives to collect the waste and can be useful if you are not going to be in but the waste is still accessible.
Do you offer time slots?
We do offer all-day arrival, AM, PM and 2-hour time slots. All day helps us to plan the most economical and environmentally friendly route. There can be some variation in the day as sometimes jobs can end up taking a little longer than expected.
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Mattress removal related Clearabee services

If you have some additional waste alongside an old mattress that you need removing, our ‘Man & Van’ service would be perfect. If you have any furniture that needs removing alongside any mattress, why not explore our ‘Furniture Removal’ service.

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