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Did you know that at Christmas time, the UK uses and throws away enough wrapping paper to cover the Island of Guernsey? And on average, a home in England produces an extra five bags full of household rubbish over the…


8 facts about junk

Did you know that on average, each person in the UK throws away their own body weight in rubbish every seven weeks? Or that one recycled tin can would save enough energy to power a television for 3 hours? We have…

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31 October 2016

property waste clearance advice for landlords

Property Waste Clearance, advice for landlords

Being a landlord can sometimes be rubbish (please, excuse the pun). When it comes to rubbish and waste removal, it can get serious. We’ve seen dozens of properties where tenants vacate and they leave an almighty pile of rubbish to…

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5 September 2016

decluttering your home

What NOT to do when decluttering your home

We’ve covered a few topics on de-cluttering your home, such as decluttering before moving house, tackling the garage but what we haven’t covered is what not to do when decluttering your home. If you’ve got a strategy and plan to declutter…

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15 August 2016

Five things to toss after Uni

Uni is out. Those three years of car boot and bargain collections are nearly over. Apart from that sentimental beer pong; the squeaky single bed, solo mugs and out of date equipment are junk best left behind. That laptop that…

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30 June 2016

rubbish removal business

Rubbish removal, the weirdest things we’ve picked up

It’s mid week so thought we’d have a little fun and share the lighter side of the rubbish removal business! Rubbish removal business During our time in the rubbish removal business, we have come across all sorts of junk in…

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22 June 2016

garage clearance

Tips for decluttering your garage

Garage clearance can be a daunting task, but once you’re done decluttering your garage we’ve got some tips to keep the garage clear, tidy and clutter free for good. Tips for decluttering your garage You’re going to have to be…

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8 June 2016

reduce rubbish

Tips to reduce rubbish & for recycling

You can reduce your rubbish by choosing carefully, buying smart and recycling. Whenever I put the bins out on collection day or look at the amount of rubbish I’ve accumulated after a house clearance, I can’t help think how one…

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24 May 2016

old bicycle

What to do with your old bicycle

What to do with your old bicycle? It’s Friday and with the weather improving and getting warmer we start seeing many more people getting active and getting out doors. You might open the garage or shed and find your old…

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20 May 2016

Rubbish removal, what NOT to do with your rubbish

When you’ve cleared your home, office, garage or garden you’ll have a mound of rubbish and only a few options to get rid of it. You can take the rubbish to your local council tip yourself or you can pay…

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12 May 2016

Tips for de-cluttering your office

Open plan offices have become the norm and with people having sight of your workspace, do you get the feeling they are judging you? You’d be right and a cluttered workspace can give the wrong impression. I find that colleagues, clients…

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3 May 2016

Need help? We are open until 6:00pm today, Book online now or send us an email