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Clearabee achieved sales growth of 1,578% and created 119 jobs between 2013 and 2016   The rapid growth experienced by Clearabee, the on-demand rubbish removal business, has been recognised today through its inclusion in the FT 1000, the Financial Times’s…


Why being tidy could spice up your sex life

  Mess is the biggest turn off in the bedroom for couples 61% of couples argue about mess almost once a week, that’s 51 arguments per year Mess closely ranks behind money as a leading source of arguments amongst couples…

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20 January 2018

Foul smells, rats and urban foxes

Research reveals UK’s worst cities for problem rubbish   30 per cent of Londoners said they had been adversely affected by overflowing bins Residents of Leeds, Birmingham and Newcastle more likely than average to suffer too People in Nottingham and…

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16 January 2018

8 Tips For Decluttering Your Home Autumn 2017

With the colder months fast approaching now is the perfect time to start thinking about decluttering for the season ahead. A new season often comes with an urge to make changes for the better and to adjust your lifestyle as…

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19 September 2017

reduce rubbish

Tips to reduce rubbish & for recycling

You can reduce your rubbish by choosing carefully, buying smart and recycling. Whenever I put the bins out on collection day or look at the amount of rubbish I’ve accumulated after a house clearance, I can’t help think how one…

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24 May 2016

old bicycle

What to do with your old bicycle

What to do with your old bicycle? It’s Friday and with the weather improving and getting warmer we start seeing many more people getting active and getting out doors. You might open the garage or shed and find your old…

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20 May 2016

Rubbish removal, what NOT to do with your rubbish

When you’ve cleared your home, office, garage or garden you’ll have a mound of rubbish and only a few options to get rid of it. You can take the rubbish to your local council tip yourself or you can pay…

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12 May 2016

Tips for de-cluttering your office

Open plan offices have become the norm and with people having sight of your workspace, do you get the feeling they are judging you? You’d be right and a cluttered workspace can give the wrong impression. I find that colleagues, clients…

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3 May 2016

house clearance

Moving house? De-cluttering is essential before moving

As someone who’s moved house several times in fewer years, I find the best thing to do before the daunting task of packing up is to do a big de-clutter and house clearance. Apart from having the clarity of a…

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19 April 2016

When to chuck rubbish and when to sell it

Is it time to de-clutter, remove rubbish and take back space in your home? House clutter getting the better of you? It’s that time of the year when we start to de-clutter, remove rubbish from our homes and take back…

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13 April 2016

Living Wage Week 2015: Happy people & better business

It is a cliché to talk about people being the best assets in business, but that is because it has never been more true. As the co-founder of Clearabee, an on-demand rubbish removal company experiencing a prolonged period of growth,…

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1 November 2015

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