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Clearabee achieved sales growth of 1,578% and created 119 jobs between 2013 and 2016   The rapid growth experienced by Clearabee, the on-demand rubbish removal business, has been recognised today through its inclusion in the FT 1000, the Financial Times’s…


Tips for New Year’s Rubbish Removal

With the New Year comes new starts. For many it’s the chance to put resolutions in actions and kick old habits and for others it is a chance to get rid of some of the baggage of the past and…

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16 January 2014

Fly-tipping clearance and prevention

Landlords and tenants are responsible for removing fly-tipped waste dumped on their land – causing significant financial loss to victims. Clearabee teams remove fly tipped waste on a daily basis – whether for management companies, local authorities, land owners or…

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14 November 2013

Pentane Fridges – Hazardous Waste?

In case you missed the announcement in June, fridges containing pentane foam have now been reclassified as hazardous waste – meaning a lot fewer companies are able to remove them and also deeming these fridges unsuitable to leave outside for…

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6 November 2013

Interactive bins to boost recycling?

Interactive bins have been heralded as one of the solutions to increase recycling rates and further reduce littering, at least in some corners. For those yet to experience an interactive bin one could expect anything from merely a normal looking…

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30 October 2013

Compostable Food Packaging

Many companies are looking at ways of making their products more environmentally friendly, with compostable packaging being high on the agenda. So with more companies trying to make their packaging compostable, we thought you may want to know what to…

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23 October 2013

October Garden Tasks

With the days drawing in and winter not too far around the corner, now is the time to apply those finishing touches and final preparation for your garden before the cold sets in. We’ve listed a few key tasks not…

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9 October 2013

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