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Frequently asked questions

With Beeloyal. what you see is what you get - a simple 10% account credit on all prepaid orders which can be used on your next collection! Just in case, we've added some further explanations..


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  • I am a sole trader, can I sign up?

    The Beeloyal scheme is designed for tradesman, sole traders and regular domestic and business users who want the best prices but do not want the hassle of a credit account. Our Beeloyal scheme is open to everyone and is entirely ‘self-service’, meaning you book and manage your account online. Don’t worry though, if you do need to contact us, you have a dedicated email and contact number.

  • Are all your products and services eligible?

    All of our services are offered through the Beeloyal scheme, with the same 10% discount. Please note however only prepaid amounts qualify for an account credit, so if you need help judging the volume of waste in advance just drop us an email.

    This means all of our skip bags and man and van services are included.

  • How does the account credit system work?

    After making a booking and paying, 10% of the amount you actually pay on a card is credited back to your beeloyal account ready for use on your next booking. You cannot use this credit for any additional payment on-site - it can only be used for another booking.

  • What if I cancel a collection?

    If a collection is cancelled the credit will be cancelled. If a collection is smaller than what is booked and the cost is reduced, the credit will be revised.

  • Can I book over the telephone?

    We offer a 10% account credit for online orders, managed on our Beeloyal portal. You can book over the telephone but the account credit is reduced to 5%. Please note Beeloyal bookings over the telephone can take up to 7 days to appear on your account.

Need help? We are open until 7:00pm today, call us on 0330 088 1000