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If you would like a quote or a little more information how our service works, simply fill in the form below, give us a call on or send an email to with some photos or a text description and we can likely give you a good idea of the cost. Remember our service is flexible and you aren't committed to a fixed number of cubic yards in advance - it's up to you on the day.

Fridge Freezer

Fridge Removal, Disposal & Recycling

Affordable Fridge Removal

Our fridge removal and recycling service can take away all types of fridges, whether a bulky ‘American fridge’ or an under counter mini-fridge, from anywhere on the property. As a guide, a normal fridge-freezer is typically around 1 cubic yards, where as an under counter fridge is about 0.5 cubic yards. We don’t charge extra for domestic fridges.

Fridge Recycling

Any fridge that we collect is typically sent to one of our re-processing partners, where they are often reconditioned and ultimately re-used (including broken fridges) or if they are beyond repair / re-use safely de-gassed. We can also remove commercial fridges but these will require a hazardous waste consignment note and will incur extra charges – contact us for details.

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