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If you would like a quote or a little more information how our service works, simply fill in the form below, give us a call on 0330 088 1000 or send an email to with some photos or a text description and we can likely give you a good idea of the cost. Remember our service is flexible and you aren't committed to a fixed number of cubic yards in advance - it's up to you on the day.

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Clearabee celebrates Living Wage commitment


Clearabee is delighted to reveal that it has been accredited as a Living Wage employer. This means that everyone working at Clearabee, regardless of whether they are permanent people or third-party contractors and suppliers, will receive a minimu...

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Street Cleansing – a Shared Responsibility


Street litter - a common problem on busy high streets and residential roads, but not the only problem. With litter picking communities on the rise and more people caring for the environment and disposing of rubbish in the right way, litter levels see...

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Building a Greener Small Business


If you run a small business, be it home-based or brick-and-mortar there are many simple and easy ways that you can help it pass the green light on environmental awareness. The importance of being greener is now a very public issue and the benefits...

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The Transparent Truth On Plastic Bottles


How happy are we to see a bottle of water greeting us when we arrive at a hot holiday destination or after a 5 mile run? We trust in this innocent packaged encasement of clear liquids to maintain our 60% body water capacity without the need to be nea...

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6 Tips to Eat Smart and Waste Less


Food shopping is one of the many inevitable weekly decisions we are faced with. What we buy should land on our plates and eventually form part of a healthy lifestyle. However, currently Britain is throwing away 4.2 million tonnes of good produce each...

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Self Storage Wars


American storage wars - a smash hit TV show which shows what happens when American self storage customers fail to pay their bills - their goods are auctioned off. For the buyers, it's a hope that all the house hold junk will be a life changing find. ...

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The Litter Picker


Living on a busy dual carriageway many years ago, I would often see our neighbour, Mr Fenshaw, a retired pet shop owner, who lived in the large yellow house on the corner plot of the highway, walk by picking up litter from the roadside. How many norm...

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